Year 3

  • Christmas Tree Tinsel

    Christmas Tree Tinsel


    Each day of December, tinsel is placed between the baubles showing 1-9 in such a way that each set of numbers can form an equation that equals the day of the month.

  • Addition Wheels

    Addition Wheels

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    Arrange the digits 0-9 in three rings going clockwise. Using different diameter lines that go through the different digits, how many of the five additions total over 1000?

  • 3-2-1 Totals

    3-2-1 Totals


    A triangular grid contains the numbers one, two and three. Combine them into regions with unique totals. What is the lowest possible value of the region with the highest total?

  • Add the Ones, Double or Halve

    Add the Ones, Double or Halve

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    Explore chains of numbers by adding the ones digit and then doubling or halving. Do all numbers loop? Do they follow similar loops?

  • Digital Shape Sequences

    Digital Shape Sequences

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    Create chains by adding single-digit numbers. Each number is inside either a triangle, a square or a hexagon. In each polygon, the number must include a digit that is the same value as the number of sides in the polygon.

  • One Intersection

    One Intersection


    With a hexagon of dots, draw lines between them. After the first line is drawn, each new line must intersect exactly one line. Explore further with curved lines or different dot positions.

  • Opposite Digit Circles

    Opposite Digit Circles

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    With this island on addition, it takes a little bit to set it up but once you have done so, it’s fairly easy to follow and the patterns are quite surprising. It’s an example of when maths at first just…

  • Money Bags

    Money Bags


    This island focuses on adding money and involves strategy in placing coins to ensure the greatest amount is obtained. What is nice is that they have to continually think about their strategy. It might change a bit from example to…

  • Don’t Pull Out Right Angles

    Don’t Pull Out Right Angles

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    This island involves starting with shapes made with elastic bands on Geoboards and ‘pulling’ the sides out over the nearest peg – trying to avoid making right angles for as many turns as possible. We start focused on a scalene…

  • Detached Dots

    Detached Dots

    Using a dotted square with numbers, join lines between dots so that a line is only ever intersected at most once. What is the lowest total possible from unjoined dots?