• Christmas Tree Tinsel

    Christmas Tree Tinsel


    Each day of December, tinsel is placed between the baubles showing 1-9 in such a way that each set of numbers can form an equation that equals the day of the month.

  • 3-2-1 Totals

    3-2-1 Totals


    A triangular grid contains the numbers one, two and three. Combine them into regions with unique totals. What is the lowest possible value of the region with the highest total?

  • One Intersection

    One Intersection


    With a hexagon of dots, draw lines between them. After the first line is drawn, each new line must intersect exactly one line. Explore further with curved lines or different dot positions.

  • Detached Dots

    Detached Dots

    Using a dotted square with numbers, join lines between dots so that a line is only ever intersected at most once. What is the lowest total possible from unjoined dots?