• Addition Digit Swap

    Addition Digit Swap

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    Start with a three-digit addition. What digits are produced in the answer? Swap one of the digits for a new one to create a new addition. How many swaps are necessary to create all ten digits in the sums?

  • Addition Wheels

    Addition Wheels

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    Arrange the digits 0-9 in three rings going clockwise. Using different diameter lines that go through the different digits, how many of the five additions total over 1000?

  • Opposite Digit Circles

    Opposite Digit Circles

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    With this island on addition, it takes a little bit to set it up but once you have done so, it’s fairly easy to follow and the patterns are quite surprising. It’s an example of when maths at first just…

  • Distinct Digits to 5555

    Distinct Digits to 5555

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    This island focuses on the use of column addition and even though it focuses on only four digits, it promotes a trial and improvement approach that requires a lot of mathematical thinking as well as having the potential to naturally…