• Coinality



    Based on NRICH’s Totality, the challenge is to avoid totaling £1 as a game and collaboratively in constructing chains and webs.

  • Area Twice, not Thrice

    Area Twice, not Thrice

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    Drawing ‘L-shaped’ lines in a square, how many shapes can be created without having the same area more than twice at any one time?

  • All the Angles Inside

    All the Angles Inside

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    Draw angles from each corner of a square to the midpoint of the side opposite. Can you determine each missing angle?

  • Money Bags

    Money Bags


    This island focuses on adding money and involves strategy in placing coins to ensure the greatest amount is obtained. What is nice is that they have to continually think about their strategy. It might change a bit from example to…

  • Overhanging Squares

    Overhanging Squares


    How many possibilities of shapes of each area are there without overhanging squares?

  • Time to Win

    Time to Win


    A game where each player advances a clock by selecting an interval. The winner is the player that makes a time of ‘quarter to…’

  • Money Nim

    Money Nim


    The game Nim is used to investigate exchanging coins through subtracting money. Children can consider the strategies that they are using to try and win and then think about how they can alter the game to give different results.